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Lifting Your Concrete is Easy and Affordable

So don't go tearing it up! Give us a call first. You'll get a FREE on-site estimate, and learn just how much money you can save when you let us put your existing concrete back in place.

  • Lifting is exponentially more affordable

  • Your existing concrete is preserved

  • You avoid damage from demolition

  • Your concrete is restored in hours, not days

  • Your concrete doesn't have to settle again

  • You protect the environment from waste!

Lifting is better than replacing:

Do you think your concrete slabs are just too dang heavy, big, old, or cumbersome? Are they're beyond repair by lifting?


Think again. J & F Concrete Lifting confidently lists concrete for all projects and surfaces, small or large. Whether your driveway, sidewalk or patio is sunken or over-settled, J & F Concrete Lifting can bring your concrete back to form and function.

Most concrete can be lifted!

Call for a FREE estimate now:


J & F Concrete Lifting has been proudly serving property owners like you for over 20 years throughout Aurora, and up to 120 miles away!