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So How Does Concrete Lifting Work?

Excellent question! It's not magic, but it might look like it once you see just how much your concrete is moved with ease after J & F Concrete Lifting has visited your home or business.

Well, not really. But we have invested in developing a unique material that combines different substances into one tough, tested and proven concrete lifting solution.


It is this solution that is pumped beneath your concrete and keeps it raised and levelled like it's supposed to, for years to follow - without over-settling and failing again!

We use a mysterious, secret formula?

That means we don't destructively remove any concrete from your property, saving you money! Small holes are drilled through your concrete slabs to be lifted.


Then, we pump our lifting solution beneath your concrete, filling the gaps and voids that have developed from the years of your concrete settling and sinking. The holes are patched, and then bingo! Your concrete is fixed. Simple.

Lifting is non-invasive and fast

Get an easy fix to your sunken concrete:


Your lifted concrete is confidently guaranteed

to remain level and stable for two years! That means you pay for no recurring lifting.